Free NDA Template - Secure Your Business Interests with Our Proven Standard NDA

In the competitive business landscape, safeguarding your proprietary information is not just prudent, it's an essential.

Our first free template is a standard NDA that you can execute with prospective investors. This NDA is designed to be concise and clear, which allows you to avoid unnecessary requests for edits / redlines from your counterparties and proceed with confidence. The deal-making process is tiring enough, so we want to streamline the process behind NDAs so that you can focus on what really matters.

This NDA is also bilateral, holding both parties accountable to its terms, creating trust and transparency.

Download and Deploy with Confidence

Take the proactive step to protect your business dealings. 👉 Download our Free Standard NDA Template 👈  now and secure the confidentiality of your strategic discussions.

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When listing a business with PEmarketplace, you can elect to use PEmarketplace’s Standard NDA, or provide one created by your legal team.  We can upload any document you’d like to use as the NDA for your transaction, and it can still be executed through the platform to avoid the time-consuming process of collecting NDAs from the various parties with whom you share your investment teaser.

As one of the most mundane and non-strategic elements of the M&A process, the tedious process of executing NDAs helped to inspire our mission to revolutionize the deal making landscape through PEmarketplace. Drawing from his firsthand experience working on various private equity deals and portfolio company transactions, our founderwas always amazed by how much time and effort was spent trying to chase down emails on a relatively uncontroversial template. After a hundred or so NDAs, he had the “aha” moment to build a tool that could automate this time-consuming exercise.


Lastly, please note that this while this template is a valuable tool, it does not constitute legal advice. We recommend that you always consult your deal lawyer and discuss to what extent you should use a more extensive document to provide the appropriate level of protection for your transactions.